African Queen, Handmade Leather Bags with Beadwork

African Queen, located in Johannesburg, South Africa creates wearable, functional pieces of art – beautiful hand-made leather bags with African beadwork detail.

Hand Made Leather Bags

Well, hand made leather bags are not African Queen’s only product, they also produce leather belts, purses, hats and all kinds of other goodies.

Owner and designer Nicola Leitch has an open approach to design. She believes that a bag needs to be functional as well as decorative. “There is nothing that says that something that works can’t be really beautiful too,” she quips”  Whenever I wear one of my bags I am stopped by strangers at least once that day.”

Can Be Custom Made

African Queen handmade leather bags are strong and durable yet have an unmistakable wow factor to them.  The bags can be custom made to specifications.

You can visit African Queen online or at their shop in Parkwood, Johannesburg or contact Nicola at

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